Jess with MS.

Jess is 27 years old and she has MS. My job is a community Physiotherapist and this patient was referred to us as she was experiencing shoulder pain. In terms of her MS I was told that there is nothing that would help her, and it was a very complicated situation in which other Physiotherapists … More Jess with MS.

Posture is where the mind becomes manifest in the body.

This recent research is taking us closer to the truth; Physiotherapy and Healing in general is a lot more simple than we currently believe. Posture is everything in my opinion and yet I have been dismissed for having too simplistic a view. Some therapists even say that Posture can not be addressed that’s how … More Posture is where the mind becomes manifest in the body.

Re-Frame Pain.

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1991 from the Royal Liverpool School of Physiotherapy having decided at a young age that I wanted to work in hospitals. I wasn’t quite focused enough to gain the level of education needed to be a doctor….I was always quite sociable at school and for me Physiotherapy matched my … More Re-Frame Pain.

Pain; Science or Art?

My response to the Naked Physio’s most recent post on the San Diego pain Summit.¬†highlighting the current thinking around pain and ongoing pain issues. I have recently returned to Physiotherapy since taking time out to study Psychotherapy and I find myself most drawn to the patients with chronic pain. My personal dilemma over the last … More Pain; Science or Art?

No Pain, No Gain!

NO PAIN, NO GAIN!   In being asked for my opinion on Lorrimer Moseley and the neuroscience of pain I have been prompted to write this response. As a physiotherapist who left Physiotherapy to study psychotherapy and who has now returned to Physiotherapy I am witness to enormous changes that have occurred within the profession, … More No Pain, No Gain!